Students will be notified at their Emmanuel email address when their semester tuition bill is available online. 下面列出的选项可以单独使用,也可以组合使用. 如果你需要帮助,决定你的家庭最好的选择, please contact our office and your counselor will discuss your options with you.


检查: We encourage you to submit payments online whenever possible (see E-检查 below for more information). If you are unable to make payments online or are sending 529 payments or private scholarship checks, please ensure the payment(s) are clearly labeled with the student's name and Emmanuel ID number. 支票付款可发送到皇冠足彩官方的邮寄地址:


电子支票:创造更安全的支付环境, 所有用户都需要通过计费和支付中心进行支付. 这确保了付款准确地支付到学生的账户上, 是否与适当的学期有关, 减少了对支付系统的滥用. 学生和授权用户可以登录 电子商务在线服务 并选择“计费支付中心”.  Choose "Payments and 付款计划s" and continue to be brought to the secure Payment Center. Online Automated Clearing House (ACH) e-check payments may be made using the option "Make Payment". 使用电子支票在网上付款是不收费的.

电汇: 如需电汇付款,请致电或发电子邮件 获取伊曼纽尔学院的账号和ABA路由号.

信用卡/借记卡可于 电子商务在线服务. Students and families who choose to make payments with a credit/debit card will be assessed a service fee, 哪些是由第三方服务提供商保留的. 此费用的范围为0.75%-3.99%取决于用于支付的信用卡类型. This fee may be avoided by paying with a checking or savings account in place of a credit/debit card.

The payment plan is a convenient and manageable payment solution that provides the option to pay in interest-free monthly installments, 而不是一次性付清. 计划自动更新,以确保 当前的 学期余额总是在计划中覆盖 实时 所以你不用担心估计分期付款的金额. 

The fall semester plan begins in July and ends in November; the spring semester plan begins in January and ends in May. This plan offers the convenience of scheduling payments by enrolling in auto-pay. 对于支付计划支持,联系支付计划支持团队:1-. 


伊曼纽尔欢迎所有的大学储蓄计划. 如果你有大学储蓄计划,比如529计划, please contact the plan provider to have the funds transferred to 伊曼纽尔学院.

如果你使用预付学费计划来支付学费, 例如UPlan, please provide the 学生金融服务处 with the provider name and the amount you will be using for the upcoming academic year. 一旦皇冠足彩官方收到这个信息, we will credit your account and ensure the timely receipt of payment from the plan provider.

Private educational student loans and parent loans can help bridge the gap between financial aid and the total cost of education. 有很多私人学生贷款, the student is the primary borrower; however, 大多数学生都需要一份值得信赖的美国大学文凭.S. 公民或永久居民作为共同签字人(不一定是父母). We recommend that students first apply for financial aid and borrow with federal student loans. If additional financing is needed, alternative students loans can be an option for many families.


Parent loans are a common payment option when 当前的 income and savings are not enough. 有很多教育贷款产品可以帮助金融教育. 父母们可以通过贷款来支付扣除财政援助后的教育费用. We recommend applying for enough funds for the full academic year instead of semester by semester. The 学生金融服务处 encourages all borrowers to do their own research and select the lender that is best for them. 学生和他们的家庭有很多其他的选择.




Robert’s interest in the workings of the wider world grew in 2011 as the Arab Spring became international news. “我喜欢历史,”他说, “so knowing the history of the states as well as their 当前的 affairs made their actions and interactions much more interesting to me.”


What began as an on-campus job in Emmanuel's student center transformed into a new career path for Jessie, one that brought her to Harvard University as a master's candidate in higher education administration. 


Kylia visited Emmanuel's Career Center for the first time during her freshman year and made key connections that would eventually lead her to a full-time position in research administration at Harvard University.

Jannet Desvira '19:创业动力与创新精神

One of Jannet Desvira's goals early in her Emmanuel career was to become president of the Business Leaders of Emmanuel 俱乐部. She has achieved that and more—and is poised to become a business leader in the real world.

Jaxell Negron '19:从宿舍建设社区 & 青年组织给州政府

在校园内外,Jaxell Negron都是关于建立社区的. 作为一名RA,他在自己的宿舍里创造了一种强烈的、安全的融洽感. 通过他联合创立的校内拳击俱乐部, 他给学生们提供了一种新的锻炼和缓解压力的方法.



Emmanuel is a place where students broaden their sense of what’s possible and prepare for inspiring careers in an ever-changing world. 在这里.